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Uphill tracks, wheelies, power slides – don't let the gravity stop you! Qulbix e-bike's massive power will satisfy even the most power thirsty riders. Qulbix bikes provide enough power and torque to get you places, and fast!



Even if you choose your e-bike to ride like a e-motorbike, there's nothing set in stone, you can transform your bike at any given time. Choose your new add-ons, ride, change your mind, reset, and drive off again!



As plastic and carbon frame casings will crack on contact, Q140MD’s steel and aluminium frame can take a beating, and still work like a charm. Q140MD is no pretty little city dweller, it’s an off-road monster waiting to be unleashed!

Q140MD CORE: 72V 30Ah

High performance e-bike with central gravity placed ideally between front and rear wheel. The Core can be pedalled up to full speed which will increase bike's range. It's ideal for steep and demanding off-road terrains. It can be modified in many ways to keep up with your riding needs. Max. Speed: 95 km/h

Q140R BOOST: 72V 40Ah

The Q140R is a top performance electric bike with a XXL Li-Ion battery pack to take you there and back again. This bike is best suited for those bikers who will only settle for max. power and max. range. Also available as a Pure Moto Version without pedals and chain, just with foot pegs. Max. Speed: 80 km/h


SQ76R is in PERFECT BALANCE of power and weight. With a large battery pack of 72V 20Ah and with maximum current discharge of 100A it will get you up any hill. You can customize your Q76R in any way you want, all parts are modular, and can easily be replaced. Max. Speed: 80 km/h