XCell sub-C – 3600mAh

8.00 CHF Inkl MwSt

XCell sub-C 1.2V 3600mAh

System: NiMH
Spannung: 1,2 Volt
mAh: 3600 mAh: 3600 mAh
Höhe: 43,5
Durchmesser: 22 mm
Gewicht: 63 g


Nominal Voltage 1.2V Typ.capacity (0.2C) 3600mAh Min.capacity (0.2C) 3500mAh Dimension D (mm) Max. 23.0 H (mm) Max. 43.5 Weight (g) Appr. 59.0 Impedance (1000Hz) Max. 6mΩ Charge Standard 360mA×15hrs Rapid 3600mA×63mins Trickle 180mA~360mA Dicharge Standard ≥3500mAh (0.2C→1.0V) Continuous ≥3450mAh (30A→0.9V) Ambient Temperature Charge Standard& Trickle:0~45deg.C Rapid:10~40deg.C Discharge -20~50deg.C Storage -20~+25 (within 1 year) -20~+30 (within 3 month) -20~+40 (within 1 month) MPV ≥1.05V (30A→0.9V) Cycle Life IEC⑴ 60% of C5 initial capacity 10C⑵ 75% of 10C initial capacity 

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